Bake Fish with Okra

Some people call it bake fish,but we Jamaican call it roast fish. Which is enjoy by many an its tasty to prepare.
There are a few ways of doing this.
One putting the fish in Aluminum foil and baking it using the same ingredients as described below or doing it in a deep pot.
Clean fish of outer bones,
Chop up one onion,
Some garlic,
Stalk of scallion,
Two or three pimento seeds,
Sprig of thyme
Salt to taste
Black pepper
A small chopped up tomatoes
Some cut up okra
1 scotch bonnet pepper (whole not busted)
a pat of butter.

For foil
Wipe fish with olive oil
Stuff fish with okra
Place condiments around fish, wrap fish  in foil place in oven or on top of a grill till cook it don’t take longtake around 15-20 mins easy to prepare.

In the pot
Place a little olive oil in pot with a quarter cup of liquid (water)  I like white wine put condiments in pot, stuff fish with okra and place on top of condiments cover tight and let steam for about 20  minutes on medium heat or until cooked. The condiments will make it’s own liquid .you can add fish an meat sauce if desire.This one way of preparing the fish but their are a lot more way to preapre fish .