Jamaican’s Escovich Fish and Turn Cornmeal

This a very Popular dish in Jamaica,Love by every one who love an eat Fish.Easy to prepare for the entire Family.
Today am going to tell you ho wto preapre Escovish Fish,you can use any time of fish that you like it to eat.But am going to use Snapper Fish.
6 small Snapper
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Black pepper
1 cloves Garlic
Cooking Oil
1 Small Onion
Primento seed
scotch bonnet pepper
1 Pound CornMeal
Coconut are Coconut powder


We all know how to clean the fish and wash with the Vinegar,then place it on paper towel on a flat plate.Then cut a small slice on each side of the fish.
Mix the salt an dthe pepper together and rub it on slice on both side and in the middle of each fish,Place oil in the frying pan to fry the fish.Place 2 cloves of Garlic in the pot and heat on high,and  Carefully place the fish on its side in to the hot oil.
Turn fish on the other side to get both sides fry,then plac ethe fish that are fry on a dry paper towel then slice onion,and Scotch bonnet pepper and pimento in a small pot with vinegar.And Boil for around 5 mins ,then pour content on the fish for the flavor and stimmer for for around 5-10 mins.

How to prepare the Turn CornMeal

Add butter are margerine ,add some chopped escallion, onion, garlic, thyme and scotch bonnet pepper. Sauté for 2 minutes. Addd Coconut Milk and add around 3 cups of water depends and the amount of cornmeal your going to use,and it it boil.
Combine Cornmeal and salt with a little black pepper andand 2 cups of water and  mix well,then pure mix in to the boiling coconut and stir constantly to avoid lump cook for around 20 mins on low flame.
This Turn cornmeal can be serve with your Escovish Fish,Now you god turn Cornmeal and  escovish fish for diner enjoy.