Steam Cabbage and Rice

Cabbage is easy to cook an its healthy to eat because it vegetable.
Today am going to share a recipe,which is easy to for the enteire family to enjoy .
1 Caddage
2 are more Carrot if needed
sweet pepper
Small onion
cooking oil

Slice caddage and carrot in small strips,
chop onion and sweet pepper,pepper ,
put a small amount of cooking oil in a frying pan an heat for 3 mins .
Place the carrot an cabbage in the heated oil and stir ,an cover for 5 mins an then stir again .
after 5 mins stir and then pure the chop onion and sweet pepper an hot on the strem cabbage an stir and it it simmer for 5 mins.
And now you have stream Cabbage.You can serve this with Rice are irish ,and green banana .